We have placed an offer..

We found a house and placed an offer. The seller's countered, we replied, and now we wait. I am nervous but after the last one fell through, I am trying not to get my hopes too high. Tomorrow, Saturday, we should hear back, probably with another counter. The house is small, but cute and perfect for Tim and I plus the new baby on its way.
Other news: morning sickness is not my friend. Why at now 13 weeks is it hitting me like a bag of bricks? I can't sleep, I am sick, I want to eat but can't because nothing is appealing. Seriously? I wish this would stop, and all I hear is it is going to get worse and my sleep with be gone when the baby is here, which is fine if I can get my sleep now.
Today my mom and I went to Babies R Us and she can't get over how much has changed over the years. She was amazed, it was fun to look and see the cute bedding and toys. I can't wait for registering time. !!! Well I will update about the house SOON!!


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