26 Weeks!!

So I am 26 Weeks now, almost finished with the 6th month. Tim is feeling Jack move more and more lately though. We celebrated Valentine's Day with our friends Monika and Chris in the Bronx at Mario's on Arthur Ave. Everything was delicious after 3 hours of eating and laughs.

School is out for a week, and I couldn't be happier to have R&R. Too bad the checkbook hasn't been getting that rest since online shopping is in full effect. Today I went to Destination Maternity for the first time, I wish I started going there sooner. I picked up an awesome dress for a wedding we are attending soon.

No updates on the house, other than March. It is becoming a very sore subject for us. So I won't be updating until we have good news. We have picked out paint for our bedroom and curtain rods at Lowe's on Friday night.

Updated belly shots and a cute (if I do say so myself) picture of me before dinner on Saturday.


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