Mortgage Moron

The first week of October I signed papers with a mortgage guy. In November, I put an offer in on a house and on December 13th I signed the contracts. Since then 4 closing dates have passed- 12/31, 1/31 and 2/28 and the beginning of March . My mortgage guy has told me "tomorrow" he would know something in every email or phone call or office visit. January 22nd the house was appraised, last night (2/17) he emails with the response of it didn't appraise for what we wanted. WTF!!! Why am I finding out 3 weeks later? This morning my father and I did a 3 way call with him so my dad could figure out what was going on from the sources mouth. He was told he was ordering a new appraisal, would have a commitment TOMORROW and call us with all the information later today. That was 9am.

At 3pm, I walked back into the house to have Tim on the phone with our realtor who called because our lawyer called her to notify that the mortgage guy called her asking for a 3 week extension. Another WTF moment. Why hadn't we received a call from him telling us that? Instead we learn this information from a 3rd party. So after asking the lawyer's assistant what to do, we went on a mission for a new mortgage guy, preferrably someone who was at a bank and not a broker. WE FOUND HIM.

So, I went into the office and unleashed Mean Pregnant lady on them. Took my information and check out of their office after Mortgage Moron told me on the phone at his office, "thanks for telling me how to do my job" in reply to me asking "why he didn't call me about a 3 week extension. Why did I have to find out from our realtor and not you?" I hung the phone up on the ass and told his boss I am done with them. They are smooth talkers that is for sure.

So we departed on a car ride to White Plains. By 7pm I had a mortage approval in my email box along with the realtor's. Another hour I had loan applications for the VA loan- funny thing is I never saw that paperwork before which makes me think Mortgage Moron screwed up all along. So as I sit and write this we are at my parents faxing all the paperwork and information our new guy needs. In 2 weeks we will have a committment and another closing date. This guy has been warned not to mess with me.

I can only hope that the seller's will agree to an extension and bare with us. So cross your fingers for us and as you do that cheer I am done with the Mortgage Moron. It has been an emotional, panic stricken couple of weeks. After lasts night mental break down (where apparently the neighbors heard my screaming and crying) I just hope nothing else gets screwed up.


Mrs. Boom said…
Thank goodness you found someone who actually knows how to do their job. I hope that everything us smooth sailing for you from this certainly deserve it!
Karen said…
Yes Weight has been lifted off my shoulders for now.

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