When Life Throws You Lemons

Rough week. Back to the grind of working, the last weekend I was so sick, I slept all but 6 hours on Saturday and passed out for 4 hours during the day on Sunday. So not only was Monday awful to wake up to, I was also still feeling very crappy. I must of pulled muscles when I was sick and so this week has been hard to move. Forget about putting on socks or shoes, I juts want to cry.

Yesterday I finally called to see the doctor (I had called Saturday and unless I couldn't keep any liquid down she said I would be okay), my appointment was at 4pm. Jack hadn't been moving as often and the pains in my side and ribs were horrible. I flew up from work to get checked out and took my sugar test at the same time. (I believe that went well because they said I would hear today if it was bad).

Anyways, the pains are the pulled muscles and soreness is due to pregnancy and Jack looks GREAT! He even peed during the ultrasound for us to see. Then I got blood work ALONE (who is proud?) and Tim met me in the waiting room. Afterwards he headed home and I went to see my mom. This is when disaster happened.

About a mile from our house Tim tried to stop the car since the guy in front decided to break suddenly to turn on wet roads. Our truck wound up wedged between the guardrail and other truck!!! He called me upset and I came right to the scene. Why?! Now? I swear how much more is life going throw at us before we crack?

Our truck sits at the auto shop now. Why couldn't it have been the Explorer or Buick? Also we have snow coming the next 2 days. The truck would have been nice to have.

4 weeks until Spring Break, which could include us MOVING!! I can only hope as I sit and cross out all the dates that have passed now due to mortgage moron. Who of course ARE NOT member of Brewster's Chamber of Commerce, the BBB or anything for that matter. Confirming they are shady people and also I should have done this research before hand. This new guy has things moving SOO QUICKLY!! I am so pissed we didn't use him to begin with. The new appraisal takes place this weekend and we should have those results Monday. Our deadline for everything to be settled so we have a closing date is 3/5 (next Friday).

Well I hope everyone else is having a better time, 2 more days until the weekend. I can't wait, it'll be busy but fun. Also Friday I hit 3rd trimester! I will be updating with pictures then.
Until next time!! XOXO


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