25 days to go!

I can't believe there is 25 days left. This weekend Tim put together the bassinet and swing. They are SOOO cute. We stayed up late on Saturday night opening toys and putting away his stuff. The mattress is in the crib and his "new friends" are chilling there waiting for them, especially Hedgie the Hedgehog.
I believe I did roughly 6 loads of laundry for him too: bedding, bath items, socks/bibs, 3 loads of clothing. I boxed up the bigger items for 6+ months up.
We also have put all the furniture in downstairs. We still need some photos and art but the down stairs is almost done. Just needs the locker/coat rack built and put up. As I type, my feet are up and the dogs are next to me snoring. They love it!

As of now I am going to be teaching 3rd grade again, which is great since I just did this year teaching it so I am used to it and just work on the areas that I had challenges in. Also I know what needs to be done so I can get a head start. My students have the ELA exam the next 2 days (wish them/us) luck! Their first state test of many.
pictures will be coming!


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