25 years old now, Home Owners and A MONTH AWAY

I am now a quarter of a century old. I cannot believe it, but its true and I will be a mommy in a month. Holy hell my life has changed so much so quickly. Homeowner- we moved in on my birthday. The house is coming along, our bedroom is the only thing 90% done just need a few pictures and mirror hung up. The garage also is Tim's top priority he waited years for his own.

Paint job: Behr Paint Graphic Elegance Line: Elephant Skin Top & Burnished Clay Bottom
New Bed: Sealy Blossom from Sears great deal $735 with delivery down from over $1700. Delivery guys helped put on the bedskirt for me too!
Bedding: Dahlia Bedding from Bed Bath & Beyond September 2006 (Bridal Registry & Shower gifts that were saved for out house, over 3.5 years)
We are changing the kitchen around, and repainting the living room and adding a desk hutch. A lot to get done and 30 days to do it before Jack comes.

Saturday (4/17) we went to childbirth class. Not a lot on breathing but we did learn some. Also we had the tour of the labor & delivery and saw the nursery. The nursery made it seem so much more real. Little babies- I can't wait for Jack to get here. Although I need to complete his room first- too many toys and clothes already.
This weekend I hope to get more done, placed around the house. Thank god Tim is handy or nothing would be changed or done.


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