Happy Easter.

It has now been 2 years since my Grandma Gert passed away 4/3/08. What makes it even harder is that she lived around the corner from where we are staying. I go to her old street daily for Starbucks, the same one we were so excited to open up so we had a new place to hang, the one that opened up a week after her passing. She'd be so excited about the new house and baby on the way, I hate that she is not here and missing everything. I do know she is smiling down on me, if Jack comes out on the 21st of May it would have been her wedding anniversary.

Last Sunday in Yonkers! Tim is working tonight so I will be spending the day in Brewster with my family. They day started before 9am with the dogs hitting me to get up, they wanted to go outside. Tim came home soon after, then when he left again the gate was left open. So a while later I realized Bailey was missing. Awesome, I became the crazy lady in a robe walking up and down the street this morning looking for my stupid dog. He was near the playground, and got back into my car and then wouldn't get out because he knew it meant the kennel for a while. Don't you just love honest dogs?

Next easter I will have an 11month old, egg hunt and basket. I can't wait, also I will be in my own house. I can't wait! I can't wait to be in our house finally next weekend. Decorating!!!

Our house sneak peak:


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