Day in My Shoes

A day in my shoes when I am able to accomplish a lot.
I did the 6am feeding, today Jack decided after eating, burping and getting changed that he'd like to spit up all over the bassinet requiring a sponge bath at 6:30am, soon after I laid back in bed. After I took care of that, I went back to sleep and woke up at 10:30am to sounds of Tim weed whacking the lawn, bliss. I got dressed and ready while Jack laid sleeping still in the bassinet (apparently he was feed at 9 and taking his morning snooze).
At 11, I ran out to the post office to mail most of the birth announcements, grab Starbucks and head to the nail salon for a pedicure with my People magazine in hand. RELAXATION for the next hour.
Upon returning home at 12:30 to an empty house, I went through the mail, my shipment from Yankee Candle with my latest holders and gift for my mom and started to get paperwork done. Good News our tax credit should be completed in the next week or so, even though when I first got on the phone the lady said 16 weeks, then said "well you made a liar out of me, your in the final stage and that takes 1 week, so call back in a week for your mailing date." WOOHOO!! New Kitchen is very close!
Then I did the dishes and Tim walked in with lil Jack and a new haircut for himself. I have done 3 loads of laundry and about to vacuum the upstairs and work on his baby book and picture organization. All before 5pm.
Oo and we are going to the movies tonight and if we are crazy enough food shop without the baby tonight since my mom is coming to watch him for us so we can do that.
Mommyhood is great!


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