Life is Great!

We have the "bestest" baby as Tim puts it. Jack is a snuggle bug who likes his playmats, swing and bassinet. He likes to be swaddled, held by his family and have his toes tickled. He drinks Similac Formula while sitting in Starbucks with mommy so she can have her drink. He likes to go shopping, visit his grandparents and stare at the dogs. He is our baby boy. I cannot believe 4 weeks have flown by already and he will a month on Monday.
We have family pictures taken Wednesday and the few we have seen so far are great, I cannot wait to see the rest.
He still wears newborn and some smaller outfits, my guess is he is around 7lbs, maybe a little bigger as we have seen him fill out. We couldn't be happier and love being parents!


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