Jack is 1 MONTH

I can't believe how quick time flies. He is up to 8 lbs 9 oz (up 2lb6oz since birth). Adorable as ever and still a great eater and sleeper. Last night he slept 6 hours straight, til 6am. I hope this continues.

Tim is such a great daddy and helps me out at night by doing 1 or both feedings so I can sleep. He is also working like crazy since I am home and spoiling the both of us. We met more people from the hospital mommy groups which is exciting, 2 more boys all about the same age. Each a week apart with Jack in the middle.

Jack and I are always on the go, visiting Grandma at work, eating at Grandparents house whenever Tim works. Shopping, visits with friends, taking walks. This past Saturday Aunt Anna had her graduation party and Jack went to meet all the relatives on his Dad's side, many seeing him for the first time. He aslo had a date with his girlfriend at his house while Mommy and girlfriend's Mommy went to the winery in Warwick while their Dads worked on the motorcycle. It is so nice that I am able to go out and not worry about the baby being without me. He is always in such great hands.

His favorite thing: Making Aunt Kim change many many diapers whenever she is with him. He also spit up all over her. He loves her very much!!

We are gearing up for vacation in less than 2 weeks, Jack got his first suitcase with a motorcycle on it. Going to get a beach tent and then be ready for the Jersey Shore.


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