4 Months

Jack is 4 months today!!  He completed day 2 at the sitter with his new little friend too.  Mommy is on day 2 of the first full week and that is filled with half school and half training, no time to rest that is for sure.
Today we had EI at the house for Jack, while that was taking place I had to run in and grab the car seat, get to the sitter, and doctor all in about 20 minutes.  Have I mentioned how we live in the car?

Jack went to the doctor's office today because he is a bit congested, so he is on nebulizer for the next 4 days.  At least it wasn't shots which come next week.  We did weigh the lil' man and he is a total of 13lbs 12oz  UP 1.5lbs in 3 weeks.  He certainly likes to eat.  We gave him a Vapor Bath and rubbed Vick's Baby Rub on him before bottle and bed tonight too.


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