Weekend Trip to DC

We were nuts but we did it.  We left 9am Saturday morning for our friend Ethan's 2nd Birthday and arrived at 4pm (stopping 2 times for gas and feedings/changing).  We went out at 9pm to go to downtown DC and see some monuments with our friends and babies.  We checked into our hotel at the Army Base Ft. Belvior at midnight and checked out at 10am.  Went to the PX and then headed back north.
We went to Mike's Harley Davidson in New Castle, Delaware for a while and then continued the journey home, pulling in about 7:30pm.  It was so worth it,  we have to go back again soon.  We also decided we would try to do more of these weekend things staying on military bases for cheap in nice rooms, $72 a night can't be beat.
Proud Mommy of Birthday Boy with Jack and Me with Lily

Washington Monument
Touring Downtown DC 9.18.10


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