Handling it ALL so far...

Work, school, and baby this fall.  I am doing it all and it is going well.  Grad school has be okay so far, midterm is next week already.  I really need one day to pump out all of the work and be done for the semester.  The car ride and rush is really the hardest part since class starts at 4 and I run out of work at 2:30 to get to the BX from Poughkeepsie, just hope the snow holds off as long as possible.
I LOVE LOVE work, the compassion, the place, the students, everything.  It is a whole different ballgame then I am used to and exactly what I need to be able to handle everything this fall.  I could be be happier and even leave for work early each morning, when has that happened before?
Jack is incredible.  I am nervous for the toddler years and/or number two down the road.  We went to a party yesterday and fed him at 12:45 and then strapped him in the carrier for car ride, he slept until almost 4 and ate again and passed back out.  He played a little when he woke up at 9pm and then back to sleep through the night, I left at 7am and he was still in crib sleeping.  We are truly blessed and I cannot say that enough.

4 month check up:
25 inches 75%tile    &   14 lbs 6 oz 25%  Just like his parents:)
He started on rice cereal and sippy cup of water.  We have tried 1 bowl a day of the cereal.  I am so not ready for the extra dishes and mess, he is adorable though when he holds the sippy cup.

He can roll both ways now but not all the time but he can do it and has done it several times.


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