4 Years!

We have now been married in the Catholic Church for 4 years.  How did we celebrate?  Tim was home all day with Jack watching him and cleaning the house,  I worked.  I came home to a happy baby in his car walker laughing.  So I started to do laundry and clean with Tim.  We sat down at 8pm to watch The Middle and Modern Family.  I gave him a card and gift and he gave me mine.  A NOOK!  Now I can download books and bring them with me.  Much smaller than lugging a large hardcover around.  I have to say he beat me in presents this occasion, this year.  I gave him cash.  Why? His birthday was 2 weeks ago, I bought him a tree stand for hunting and well just out of ideas, he always just buys what he wants and is the hardest ever to surprise.  I think though I beat him on birthday gifts this year with the tree stand.  Then he went downstairs to get his hunting stuff ready for the morning and I did work stuff, played with Jack and did dishes.  Jack went to bed and so did I.  Nothing overly exciting for us, must mean we are joining the "old married couple stage".   I just can't believe we reached it this quick.


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