Fire Safety, Teeth, & 5th Columbus Weekend at Glenbook RECAP

Fire Safety- 
Friday- I left home at 7am for work, typical but what wasn't were the visitors!  Tim and Jack came for fire safety week!  My class read about fireman, counted dog spots and found hot/cold items all last week and then met a real fireman!  Little did he know, I made it an assembly and he talked in front of the whole school!  The kids really were interested in his uniform, each having a chance to try out jacket, helmet or gloves.  They were adorable and I was very impressed by Tim's public speaking skills.  Jack too was a hit!
After school we went straight upstate for our 5th Columbus Weekend. 

Columbus Weekend- 
Saturday-  We went to the Adventure Tower at Hunter Mountain and did a 60ft tall ropes course.  7 attempted and 4 completed (Kim, Brad, Caitlin and me).  We walked around October Fest and went back for dinner, drinks and just hanging out with the family.  

Sunday- Tim and I with his cousin Chris went over to our friend Amy's house and went into the woods to shoot clay targets.  I shot the shotgun 2 times.  Chris was 4 for 4 when he shot and Tim and Amy's Husband Jay were better at it of course.  The quad ride up in the woods was my favorite.  We returned for dinner and stayed at the resort the rest of the night with family.  

Monday- We ate breakfast and lunch up there and then packed to leave for home.   Immediately unpacked and repacked for our next adventure/trip to Philly.  We leave Tuesday night.   I went shopping with my mom to Babies R Us and Target before comping home to relax and catch up around the house while Tim watched Iron Man 2.

Jack is currently teething and his bottom 2 teeth are starting to bump up, the rugged feeling is there and he has had 2 doses of Orajel, 1 each night.   I feel so bad for the little guy, he is so fussy and drooling all over.  I went out and got him a new Sophie since his last went missing.  As per Murphy's Law we will probably be finding it soon.  I got my first tooth at 3 months so his should be coming.  I heard that if adults were to "cut teeth" the pain is enough to put an adult in a mental hospital so I can only imagine what Jack is feeling.    I cannot believe he will be 5 months on Thursday, time is sure flying.  I will be adding pictures later this week when I do have a moment to upload them onto the computer.  


Mrs E said…
Poor teething baby...I hate when they are unhappy...

And, Tim did awesome on Fri!

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