5 Months!

My baby is 5 months today and has grown so much!

He has:

  • weighs 15 lbs 11oz
  • heights 26 
  • mastered rolling over front to back AND back to front
  • scoots on his butt across the carpet
  • sitting on his elbows up for a while at a time (was a struggle for a while)
  • downs 4 solid 8 oz bottles a day plus some food
  • sits up with support
  • holds his giraffe (Sophie) to chew on
  • responds to his name being called
  • laughs when tickled
  • holds onto your clothing
  • chatters up a storm and yells at you 
  • fish kisses you (open mouth to your cheek)
  • wears 6 month clothing now
  • has now traveled to 7 states


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