14 Months.

Little man is 14 months old today.  He gets more active and daring every day.

He climbs on EVERYTHING! Tables, chairs, couches, beds.  The other night he wanted the chicken we had on the table ready for carving and he pushed himself up on the chair to get to the chicken- he succeeded!

RUNS- faster and faster each day (maybe he will do track and cross country like me!)

Dancing/Sings- Loves music, the bopping to and singing along (babababhahahahlalala), newest favorite Itsy Bitsy Spider

FOODS- Mac & Cheese is our new love!

Imagination- Each day we are more creative- currently we love our veggies and fruits I got from Ikea and use them with the FisherPrice Laugh and Learn Kitchen.  (next step is to custom build him a kitchen with plans I found on the internet)

He loves his family.  Whenever we visit Grandma at work, he runs in the door, locks eyes with her and runs to give her a hug.  It is so cute!

We went for Early Intervention Evaluation for his hand and Occupational Therapy (fine motor) on Wednesday, he tested out of it.  Academically he also tested above kids his age with problem solving and directions.  There is no denying he understand what we say and what goes on around him.  Our health insurance doesn't cover OT so our next step is to find someone who can get him a splint or we will be heading back down to Philly for some OT and splints.   Also to get him reevaluated in 6 months when the test changes a bit for certain sections and he could qualify then.

Overall Jack and I love being home together (except when he doesn't get his way) and I am excited for how he will be when Charlotte gets here.


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