34 weeks down 35 days to go!

My 35/35 is different because of the schedule cesarean at 39 weeks (normally it is 35/35).  I am excited for sure, but slightly overwhelmed at the thought still.  I am working on the nursery nonstop, it is coming together, and now it is going through clothes,  Jack had tons and well Charlotte has even more!  They will be sharing dressers/armoire, so I had to get a tension rod to use for C's clothing, and I bought her pink hangers.  I bought new drawer organizers too, it will all work I jut can't keep out more then the current size clothing anymore, bins are my best friend.

I changed the bedding AGAIN, but I like this one, it goes with the theme and it is set up.

I am not buying everything that matches though.  So far the 4 piece bedding set is what I have.  I do like wall art, hamper, blanket, basket.  I think I am going to reuse Jack's mobile because for the cost we didn't use it much or I will use the plastic part and put my own animals on it.  I have the letters of her name, now that I have bedding I can finally make them.  Remember 35 days left!

I also have a list of things for the house that need to be done and only have 35 days left to get completed.  If it weren't so hot outside I could start on some of it (sanding and painting of accent furniture pieces).  New hanging bars for my new Starbucks mugs in the kitchen (which reminds me I still have to find 5 missing ones from the move- parents' house or my attic).  A bookcase I bought the kids for their bedroom needs finishing, and the basement stairwell needs to be finished.
 All this aside from the normal household chores.  
Just wanted to update!


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