hate to admit...

I have been a bad blogger.  Since vacation Jack and I have been running around to see people, make play dates and go to library times.  Also with the heat and the last weeks of pregnancy I have been feeling an awful amount of pressure and pains that I just pay down/pass out for naps often.  Which is tough when Jack doesn't stop running, climbing, eating, and just plan moving lately.  He is one busy and active 14 month old.  And like I said with the heat we have been outside but not for too long because neither of us can handle it.

As for Charlotte she will be here in 6.5weeks unless she surprises us earlier (please don't!).  We have gotten her crib:

I am still hunting for bedding that I love but incase that is not possible because what I do love is super expensive, I bought a Ladybug set at BuyBuyBaby over the weekend.  Again I am not inlove but I need something and apparently there is a big difference between "mini crib" and "regular crib" size as the crazy man with the cane yelled at us about.  (Oh and after talking with several other moms about the store and department they knew exactly who the man was...CREEPY!)

So in the next 6 weeks we must set up crib, rearrange room and get ready.  I need some diapers, and bottles and I should be good otherwise since everything else we used we still have.
I promise to post again soon.  Jack is 14 months on Thursday so that's the next post with pictures, plus I have to upload tons of pictures and share them soon.
Until next time...xoxox


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