Finished! All done! Never again?!?

I have officially finished my Graduate Degree!

I should have my diploma soon, and now have to pay the state and mail them many documents to receive my professional certification and extra license extensions for teaching. I am anxious about my grades because I have busted my butt now for 5 semesters. (Update: 3.9!! my hard work paid off!)

When I started at Lehman Sept 2010,  J was 4 months old and I had just started a new job. My first two semesters, I was a new mom and employed full time and my 3rd semester started off with me having a baby and staying home. Even then I took the first 10 days off and went back to class the same day C got out of the hospital because of her renal reflux. I was determined. After being laid off,  I went back again taking more classes to finish as quick as possible, 3 class semesters when norm there was 2.  Since I did not have to student teach, once again challenging myself with more work, I decided to pursue the early education field to get those extra licenses.

These two classes, though very interesting and informative for me both as a parent and teacher, provided more work in one semester then any other before it. I did learn but boy was it stressful. (Another reason I was excited to run off for a girls weekend after a rough semester).

So for now, I need to find a job, in the early education/intervention field,  a home worker is what I hope to become so I can still be home with kids and continue to take them on all the adventures we go on.  I am ready to see what 2013 will bring me career wise. Wish me luck!


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