Girls weekend

This past weekend: Thursday to Monday, I went away for a girls weekend. We went in celebration of our friend's birthday, for R&R and some fun. We caught up on sleep, indulged in food (goodness is questionable), and laid in the sun or sat in hot tub on ship.
Even without our kids with us, left in hands of all the daddies, my kids sent me off with a stomach bug which lasted roughly a day, then was shared with Claire (poor thing). Also "taking out" Tim, his parents, his brother and our kids. Fun times, I am sure ;).
All in all it was a good time with some hiccups by Carnival. Hopefully they improve them before any of us take out next cruise, longer cruises seem to e so much better, service, boat, attractions, then the weekend ones. We shared laughs, jokes, and sadness for the people of Newtown while away, watching CNN from the ship, thinking of our kids back at home.
Our flight was delayed, yet as I write this we are flying back (blogging from mid-air), ready to embrace our all loved ones. AND plan the next trip .


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