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in late August I started doing surveys for money, it is not much put in 4 months over $400 is better then nothing, right?! I thought i would share and offer referrals to my readers. Start saving for 2013!!

MySurvey: I do surveys daily for them and save up my points for Amazon Giftcards or PayPal $$ you are able to cash in starting at 1100pts for $10 and most surveys are 50-150points each when completed.  I average $25 a month on here.  for a referral please leave a comment with email and I will send you, also put mysurvey in the comment so I know which one to send.

CrowdTap:  I do quick 1 question "surveys" all the time.  Points and levels are redeemable for many prizes (including amazon gifts cards).  My favorite though is the Sample and Shares through them.  I have done 2 now for OldNavy.  They send coupons, you go to the store get FREE stuff and submit your review and pictures.  First one was CardiParty and 3 friends and I EACH received a Scarf, Skirt and Cardigan for free, over $60 worth of clothing free EACH! Second one was Sweater Party and just myself and sister received ANY sweater in store for free. Still a good deal!  They worth with many other companies for Sample and Shares too. click here to join!

Global Test Market:  I receive 5-10 surveys daily. I receive/qualify for about half of them.  I earn the MOST on this and the rewards come int he form of a check straight to your mailbox in 4-6weeks. EASY!!  I started in August and have cashed out for $253 since then. Sometimes you also get product samples to try, relevant to you, I have had 4 of these: baby products, food, and household items. Once again not bad for doing a few nightly surveys. If you would like a referral email, please leave your email adress and GTM in comments and I will send you one ASAP.

House Party:  I have been doing this for 3 years now, maybe more? I have received a few awesome parties, most recently a Huggies Potty Training Party coming up in January.

Community Focus Groups:  Through the different survey companies above I have qualified for consumer focus groups which pay in Amazon GCs and products. My first was back in September and I received a Quinny Stroller and $40 for Amazon.  Currently I am in 2 groups and am paid $15 monthly in Amazon GCs to answer at least 4 tasks 1 month, those include polls, answering others questions and posting comments. Easy money for 10-15 minutes a month.  These also include products to try sent to your house. These come from MySurvey and GlobalTest Market

ValuedOpinions: This is a harder one to earn on, but still worth it.  Each survey has a dollar value, I receive around 9 a week and qualify for maybe half of them.  So it does take longer to earn.  You can cash out every time you hit $20 or more, for different gift cards- Amazon, Macys, iTunes, Visa and travel.  I have cashed out once, and have $27 ready to cash out, and 13 pending as of tonight, but I am waiting for more before I cash out here. All surveys are at least $1 and up to $5. If you would like a referral to this company, once again leave your email in comments with VO in your comments also.


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