Disney Part 2

What we did when we weren't in the parks:

Monday: First stop in Orlando next to our hotel, Outlet Shopping.  We went to walk around after breakfast and look at Croc store for Jack.  Then we had lunch before heading over to Harley Davidson Dealership to look at new bikes for Tim.  There were so many nice ones,  kids got cute shirts and a poker chip from the store for our collection and then we headed out to visit Tim's friends at their house.  The kids loved playing at their house, other then the lizards which Jack was petrified off.  He screamed so loud, we couldn't help but laugh, Charlotte was a beast and grabbed it from my hands before throwing it.  Nothing scares her.  When we got back to hotel, Tim's friend from the military came over to meet up.  We took the kids swimming (they're fish after all;) and then out to dinner before they were passed out for the night.   They slept so well each night, no problems. 

Tuesday: Animal Kingdom/Downtown Disney (separate post to follow)

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom (separate post to follow)

Thursday: Hollywood Studios (separate post to follow)

Friday: Friday was the first and only day of cloudy weather, we thought it was going to rain and well it never did! Terrific weather the entire vacation with no rain. WOOHOO!  We went back over to our friends' house.  With all our kids we took a drive up the coast line over by Cavernal National Seashore so we could get our stamps in our passport book for the National Parks.  We looked for alligators everywhere but we never found one.  After getting back the kids went swimming again until Tim's aunt came over to meet us for the night.

Aligator hunting

All we found was this turtle to show the kids

he popped back out eating 

RossMeyer's Harley Davidson Daytona

Saturday: We went to Gatorland with Tim's Aunt.  The kids were free and they had FL resident discounts, military and I was regular price.  I am not sure if I would pay full price with young kids because it is mostly walking around seeing the different species, we didn't sit for any shows, because the kids just wanted to run and play.  We did do the train ride around the whole park which was a mini guided tour also.  They did have an adorable splash park and playground.  We knew ahead of time and brought bathing suits for the kids.  Though there were a few bigger kids 10+ who took control of the water sprayers on the alligators and just sprayed Jack in face like an easy target.  Clearly their parents were not to be found because I went over a few times to remind them J is little and they just ignored me.  As a parent wouldn't you go to see what was going on if another adult was talking to your kids.  (shakes my head) so we finally pulled them away from the water area and left.  You need 2-3 hours there just for basics and some playtime, the zipline is extra that they have for the older kids/adults.  

We went to Bass Pro Shops nearby afterwards which also had a real alligator from Gatorland (who would have thought the place to touch alligators wouldn't be Gatorland but BassPro) and Charlotte mauled him.  She hugged, kissed and loved him so much others were taking her picture with Mr. Gator. 

Jack and I had some pool time before the four of us going to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  At dinner I asked him if he wanted ice cream, "no thank you mommy I want to go to bed," he answered. Needless to say he was asleep before we got back and went straight into his big bed.  I will take no ice cream for bed any night!!

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