Potty Training, a milestone for the parents and kids...

Before we left for Disney I told Jack when we get back home there would be no more diapers. I was giving all his to Mickey Mouse. Only underwear and pull-ups at night time when we got back. We got back on a Monday night. Tuesday I let the family adjust and Wednesday after he got home from school we change right into underwear. And so it began...

The first 2.5 days each time he peed on the potty he got a treat: cracker, snack or sticker. He was thrilled. We had one accident, out at Starbucks. It didn't phase him though, I changed him into new undies and pants and back on track. At bedtime he said "no diaper mommy" already in mindset. (woohoo!)

Thursday he peed on the potty 5 times before we headed out for errands, again he did good, got home and peed (we were out 1.5 hours).  More potty at home and we went to grandma's in undies. He showed off, but had an accident their while zoned into iPad. No problem, positive reinforcement, pull-up for bed and went to sleep.

His accidents are when he is focused on something too much, and he poops in pull-up still. Sunday we went out to buy an on-the-go potty and one for grandmas house. We also picked out new prizes at Toys R Us with that we moved the rewards from 5 to 7 times. I took him into BRU to pee, first time in public bathroom, he didn't want to go and 10 minutes later went in pants. Immediately I changed him and we were ready to go again.  At grandma's he showed off on his new potty to everyone and we made a reward chart there too and hung it in bathroom. He earned stickers and another prize by the time we left after dinner.

Monday we had a BM accident, this upset him, he didn't like it at all. It was good though because you are not supposed to like it. Tuesday we did good too, already in a second full reward chart. Wednesday afternoon we took a snooze on couch, well he got up and went on floor and then showed me. I have a feeling the BM will take a little longer, but for only a week into it and still running around like crazy he is doing awesome. We went to playscape Wednesday and he even went 2x on his travel seat that we now carry around now, he was so proud. I made a huge deal and smothered him in kisses.  Conquered peeing in public restrooms. Woohoo!!

Even with accidents, I would say we are on a good streak. Lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement. I do feel BM will take a little longer, and once we do get that then night training. Today's major deal, standing up like daddy. He was so excited!!

In bag nonstop now: zip lock bags, extra undies and pants. Also wearing croc shoes so they are easy to soap up and clean if need be. Hopefully this streak continues!!

Friday he had a few accidents, and honestly I think it was me not being home. That evening before we left we peed.  We went to a huge, party at a sensory gym with our friends and the whole 2 hours no accidents and we went 2x to their bathroom without any issues, came home dry and sleeping.  He went into a pull-up in his sleep and to bed.  Saturday (4/27) We were out and about again. NO ACCIDENTS! we peed in several stores, and OUTSIDE which he thought was coolest thing ever.  Another new thing, is telling me that he is has to go.  It is clicking finally! So we are 11 days in and counting.


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