Craft time with Kiwi Crate

Crafts delivered to your door..

We started receiving KiwiCrate's about 3 months ago, and I am glad we joined.  I love that the materials come separated for each craft and the instruction book includes pictures for the kids to "read" to see what comes next.  There is an extra booklet to learn more about whatever craft we just worked on: information on the animal, how to do it a different way, even the box becomes another art project.   What is more exciting than that?
Glow Worm 

We do the monthly subscription/monthly billed, but there are other options.  They also have add ins for the boxes, single craft boxes and even party favors you can buy.  We still play with our octopus dancers on the door and fly our fire fly across the room, our glowworm sits under the light during the day to glow their dark room at night until the kids are asleep.  Online you also have the options of buying single crates and mini crates too, great ideas for gifts or prizes for your child.

By subscribing to their list, you also receive great emails with ideas for crafts you can do at home from their blog, 10 Indoor Winter Snow and Ice Activities for Kids was their last.  Kiwi Crate's pinterest page is also full of ideas to do with your kids. 

You can check them out HERE and get $10 off your first box. (My referral link)

All opinions are my own, this was not sponsored but wanted to just share with my friends!!


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