Father Day Gifts for New Dads

When I was pregnant with Jack,  he was celebrated with a shower by our nearest and dearest family and friends.  I wanted Tim to get a gift too, something for a new dad, a gag of sorts but things we also needed and things he could use.  I went with a nice tool belt, which made sense as a contractor.  Then, I filled it with things we'd need for the baby and funny "first time parent gags" (goggles, face mask, tongs for dirty diapers, etc).  After our baby shower, I gave Tim his gift.  He still uses his tool belt 4 years later.

AVENT: Monitor, bottles, pacifier, and breast pump

When the kids were still on formula and using bottles, we used Philips AVENT, I loved how easy they were to clean, plus not a ton of pieces and nipples that went up with stages.  I was able to reuse them with my second child, just replaced nipples.  These were also the ones my husband preferred when he fed the children.  Philips AVENT is the #1 brand recommended by moms worldwide.  Their new Natural Bottle Designs are adorable with designs of flowers, monkeys or elephants (available at Babies R Us and Walmart exclusively).
Photo: Babies R Us

Unique Design Bottle
  •  wide 'breast-like' shape for easy latch-on
  • comfort petals inside nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse 
  • extra stoft, mimics mom's real breast shape 
  •  advanced anti-colic system with innovative twin valve allows air into bottle 
Philips AVENT Nighttime Pacifier is great to help soothe the baby back to sleep.  Made for 0-6 months and 6-18 months, they have caps, glow in dark to find in the dark, and orthodontic for natural development of baby's palate.  You can find them at stores and online.
Photo: Babies R Us

Philips AVENT also has Comfort Breast Pumps, both manual and electric.  Although I have no experience with great feeding, many friends have shared experiences with pumping, and a manual one is great for places you can plug in anywhere, on the go/locations within the house/workplace.    The Manual Pump "delivers the same suction as an electric breast pump and is ideal on-the-go solution that is quiet, compact and portable."  You can find it at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, Target and Walmart for an average of $44.99.

Photo: Babies R Us

I spy on my kids, do you?  AVENT DECT Monitor SCD570 is not a video monitor, but has many features on the parental unit: sensors that track and display room temperature, LED light to signal noise levels and talk back mode to communicate up to 1,000 ft range.   I think the talk back is my favorite feature with older toddler/preschoolers now, using while they sleep.  My husband also enjoys using this talk back feature, the temperature display is great also, as we have AC units vs central air, I am always checking if its too hot or too cold.  You can find this on Amazon, BabiesRUs.com, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby and Drugstore.com

Now it is Father's Day, how can YOU incorporate these items into a gift for dad or expectant dad?  I will show you.  What else do they need... A tool box, tackle box, tool belt, or car organizer?  That will hold them, then you fill it with these items and poems/stories for dad to understand what they are/what they do/why he is receiving them.  Dad's need instructions right?

Philips AVENT is committed to dads, and with Father's Day around the corner.  They have designed products to encourage dads to bond with their babies, during the most special times.  With these proper tools, moms can rest and dads can take over.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!!

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**Disclosure:  I received these items in exchange for an honest review and Father's Day gift ideas, no compensation was give.  As always all views are my own**


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