Scared Scriptless, Valspar, Ace Hardware & The Moms at Adella, NYC

On Tuesday night, The Moms hosted a night out at Adella, a hot new wine bar on West 43rd Street, along with Valspar, Ace Hardware and AriZona Beverages to help Alison Sweeney with her new novel's release: Scared Scriptless.

Denise Albert,  Melissa Musen Gerstein introduced Alison Sweeney and the jokes just started rolling.   Starting with just a simple question about how Alison gets everything done (mom, author, TV host, actress) Alison said "when you want something done you ask someone who is busy", basically she just does it.  Working moms, moms in general, get it done.  We may be on auto pilot but we get it done.   It is a journey for her, but she makes time for her, when asked if its easier as the kids get older, she said yes.  As kids get older they are easier to negotiate with, less needy that you don't have to do everything for them, but harder because they realize more- why you are away, miss you when you are gone, and understand more.  Very true, my kids are realizing more time home, away at grandparents' homes and miss daddy when he works nights.

Alison has been married 14 years, sharing a bit of what works for her.  You have to be happy with the little things, life is not the bachelor.  (How true!)  Be happy with the day to day stuff, make a date night each week, let him know when something means something to you.   Those date nights don't have to be out, they can be after kids go to bed, make a nice meal and watch your favorite shows together.   Enjoy each other.  Then Melissa and Alison broke out into movie quotes together, Princess Bride anyone?

Scared Scriptless is the second novel for Alison,  she shared she has already started her third.  Busy Mama!  Looking for a great read this summer while at the beach, park, even your back yard? This is one to pick up!  Follow Maddy on her life as a writer in Hollywood and find out if she follows her own life rules and lessons.

Valspar Paint which is sold at Ace Hardware had paint chips decorating Adella, of course I started looking.  Currently,  I have 3 painting projects half finished/started depending on who you ask (husband or me).  I was happy to find out about the Valspar Guarantee: if you are unhappy with the color you can get another gallon for free.  I found a tan/brown for the top half of my living room walls called MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY.  Looking for paint?  Check out The Paint Studio for all their color choices and the store nearest you.

Disclosure:  I was invited as Media but all opinions as always are my own and honest.


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