My Mid-June Reflection...

While reflecting on the past week and how I was able to do everything I needed, have some "me time" and kids be cared for- I need to thank my support!

Seriously, it's not to say I haven't had "crazy lady" moments, and raised my voice at the kids (and husband).  We made it through a crazy week, and have two more to go before some R&R, June is seriously a busy time between work, kids' stuff and events (graduations mainly).  Oh and throw in Tim's work schedule, here it is: he is never home or never home when I am home.  We're like strangers in the wind lately.  

My mornings would not be so smoothe and I would not be able to get out of the house on time without the help of my babysitter, she arrives early 3 mornings a week and feeds/dressed the kids while I finish fixing myself and run out to work.  She takes Jack to school, hangs with Char and then brings them home for lunch, play and sometimes a nap, and they love her.  She potty trained my kid too (score!). Two days a week the kids are with one of the grandmas.  Who also take the kids to school, pick up and take Jack to his appointments.  Not to forget they each take the kids overnight once a week too, which the kids love as much as me!! Once in a while this means date night or errands without the kids for Tim and I.  

So I have A LOT of help, I am no superwoman.  Actually I find these ages now way more difficult to deal with then when I had a newborn and 15 month old, then 1&2 year old even 2&3.  Right now, I seriously loose my mind with them, I have not been to the mall with two kids alone in months.  The mall was my place, my go to 2-3 times a week when they were younger, we went and did everything just the three of us.  I don't know if it's because I work more now and am just tired, or what (what being they are maniacs lately even though they look like cute darling kids). 

I'd like to think my house is semi organized, but let's be real- with Jack and Char there are toys everywhere, a full kitchen sink daily, and I wear clothes most days out of the clean laundry basket, because while I do keep up on doing laundry, that second step of putting it away rarely happens.  If it weren't for the cleaning service weekly, my house would be in really bad shape.  Thankfully my sheets are guarenteed to be changed once a week, and toilet scrubbed.  

So here I am admitting I am not superwoman, not supermom, I can admit that I am a mom that knows her limits and knows she can ask for help, get the help and by doing this I do have a happy house and family.  My kids are loved and have a great system of adults who love and care for them.  Which is amazing.  So thanks again to my parents, in-laws, the teachers at school, therapists who work with Jack and our babysitter. 


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