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Sneakz Organic beverages let me try their organic chocolate milk with my children and their friends.  I was eager to try their drinks with the kids going to school full time in the fall, I have to start making and sending lunches to school each day.  The Tetra Pak packaging fits in their lunch boxes and bento boxes easily, also eco-friendly for recycling at school.

I brought them on our outing to see dinosaurs this week to try with 4 kids, my own and a friend's, ages 2-5.  While sitting to watch a show I pulled them out and gave them to the girls and two boys.  The girls immediately started drinking and my friend was shocked her daughter drank it.  She does love chocolate milk but was unable to taste something different about it.  That difference is the clean veggies "sneaked in" the drink.  A full serving veggies such as beets, sweet-potatoes, carrots and spinach is in each box.  Both girls finished their boxes and love them.

The boys were tougher tasters, her son is not a chocolate milk fan, so he took one taste and didn't want to countine.  My son saw the pictures of vegetables, and put it down.  Didn't even want to try.  I didn't push, I just came up with a back up plan, to give it to him in a glass without the packaging around.

Jack tried Sneakz again with breakfast and it was poured in a glass with the package out of site.  He drank it.  He did claim it was "too chocolate" for him. So he asked if I could add milk to it, which I did.  He drank the rest.  For him I think it was seeing the box that was not his usual milk box.  I am tried the some Sneakz, moms' can drink it too, I didn't taste any veggies.

Sneakz gets an A rating in our house and we will be using them at school this fall.  One less thing I need to worry about packing and what's inside.  No artificial ingredients: GMO Free, no antibiotics or synthetic hormones.   Highly recommend picking them up, I bet your kids will love them too!

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DISCLOSURE:  I received Sneakz Organic beverages commpliementary.  All opinions are my own and honest. 


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