When life is not fair...

When life is not fair what do you do?  My family and I have had a rough 2 1/2 weeks, and I am wondering why everything has been thrown at us.  Why?!   Between Tim spending 6 days in the hospital and then going to Philly for Jack's surgery and receiving a call that a close friend to the family was hit by a train and killed at 23 years old.  Pardon my french but what the f*ck?!  Did we not have enough on our plate already?  Why take a 23rd year old?  I can't help but to lose some faith when stuff like this happens.   I give to tons of charities and causes.  My parents did an amazing thing of adoption, my mother-in-law works with sick babies.  Why us always then? Why everything at once?

I still pray that Eric will be able to cope after losing his best friend.  Our family will be a friend short from now on, but heaven has gained another angel.   I still wonder why God works the way he does.  Why he takes the people in the order he does.


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