My Nemo

Jack is my little Nemo.  At 5 1/2 months and 3 surgeons later we have a date set for Jack's hand surgery.  He was born with fused fingers and 2 webbed fingers.  No cause other than we won the "hand lottery".  We were shocked, surprised but as any parents made a game plan and working on the solution.  He has syndactyly and webbing.  His thumb is webbed to his pointer, his pointer is fused with middle and ring is webbed to middle.  Also his pointer/middle that are fused are also missing bones (aplasia).  Some of the bones are shorter also.  His hand needs a lot of work, but with surgeries and therapies it will be better.

We were accepted into Shriner's Children's Hospital of Philly and will be there for the first separation surgery November 15th (Monday).  It is very nerve wrecking as a parent for my then 6 month old to go under anesthesia for 1.5 hours.   I know it will be fine and my mom is coming down to Philly with me since only one parent can spend night, that will be Tim and we will stay nearby in a hotel.

What else do we know?  It was not ABS (amniotic band syndrome) or genetic.  It happens more in boys, usually more common in feet.  The missing bones is rarer, we were the lucky ones.  I will keep everyone updated as we learn more.   Thanks everyone for their thoughts this far.


Meredith said…
Great to hear Karen, I'm glad all went well.
I hope everything went well.

Karen said…
Thanks girls!! Everything looks good so far. He has his cast until the 8th of December.

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