6 months


I love my owl

Such a happy baby


baby blues

6th month pro shot
Jack is now 6 months.  Everyone who said time would fly was right.
He just went for his check up and got his shots.  He cried but snapped out of it quickly.  The Pedi was impressed by his mobility even with the cast of tossing turning and yapping.  We learned our nurse is leaving and next time we are there at 9 months we won't have her.  She is the best!
Jack facts:

  • weight 16.12 (but we estimate his cast to be about .6) up 10lbs since birth
  • 27.5 inches long  (tall like your parents)up 8.5in since birth
  • you roll everywhere 
  • crawl backwards
  • had your first surgery and went under anesthesia
  • had Bronchitis -caught it down in Philly 
  • you love apples, pears, and basically anything that is not green.  
  • you are in a big boy car seat because of your cast
  • you love ladies with grey hair
  • you will go to anyone
  • sleep anywhere
  • nuzzle in mommy's shoulder all the time
  • 2 teeth
  • will sit up using hand forward to support, the weight of your cast pulls you to the left and you roll


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