An Award... Me?? oh okay!!

My friend Lindsey gave me this award.  I met Linz back in early 2006 online.  I then "dealt" her a dog off i95 in Virginia and our friendship grew.  We worked on DIY things for our weddings and I traveled to NC for her wedding and she came to NY to mine.  Now we try to see each other 1-2 times a year and keep in touch via texting and computers!  Funny thing is both don't even own those dogs anymore.

3 Things about Me:
  1. My attention span has gotten shorter of the years.  I can multitask well since I can't just do 1 thing.
  2. I have always wished I stuck with dancing years ago.
  3. My grandparents died on the same exact day 11 years apart.

I am passing the torch to 3 of my friends and bloggers I follow:
  • Kendra at Baby Bits!
  • Steph at The Preira Family
  • Jenn at Commuting and Cartoons


Lindsey said…
Oh those dogs. I didn't know you got rid of Guinness. I hope Jack and Tim are doing good. I hope your days have been better. Miss you! I miss living near each other in VA although not VA at all.

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