Elephant Feet

I have elephant feet. I am at a size 10 in flip flops and I can easily wear an 11. I started in August at my usual 8. At least I only have about 18 more days left. My mom is convinced and hopes he comes out on Mother's Day. I hope he comes soon but not on the 15th or 16th since those are Kim's Graduation Days. Although we did just find out that Rob is coming home for a few nights so that will be nice if the baby comes while he is home. Rather then a few months after Jack is born.
I have been blessed not to get any stretch marks on my stomach at all. WooHoo! Even with my 50lb weight gain at this point. My next appointment is Monday (tomorrow) and I should find out my new weight, see if I am dilated at all. Tim and I did so much around the house this weekend. I love it! We bought plants and flowers and did that yard work. We bought curtains for Jack's room, I hung up his letters and dresser is in. All that is left is to put away more and him to get here. Even then he will be using his bassinet in our room.
Well I am going to use my elephant feet to walk me upstairs and to bed on this steamy hot night. I hve been waiting for the rain that never showed. I really hope it does cool off soon for I don't know how much longer I can last in this heat with this baby belly. XOXO


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