The remaining days.. ramblings

Less than 2 weeks until my due date. Tim has flown and I am very grateful for that.
In 9 (10 really) months:
I started a new job 9/9
Found out we were expecting 9/11
We house hunted-starting in October
Found out we were having a BOY!! 12/29
Bought a house 4/1
Moved and have done painting & some renovations in less than a month 4/10
and now we have 2 weeks +/- until Jack shows up. Are we ready? I'd like to say we are but also we don't know what to expect 100%. I can only do so much around the house lately. I feel I have enough stuff ready for the little man to enter now. I am excited for the months and years ahead. Even if I woke up sweating this morning for a dream/nightmare I was really pregnant with 4 at once!!! EEK!
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and Jack could even show up then, if not I will be spending the day with my mother and mother-in-law and family. Taking it easy and enjoying the pampering I receive.
To all the mother's out there enjoy your day!!! Happy Mother's Day.


Mrs E said…
time will keep flying by!
enjoy it...:0)
the good times and the bad!

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