Long Eventful Day at Doctor and Labor & Delivery

So today I had a routine appointment with ultrasound. I had been having cramps/pains for the past 2 days but waited to say things until today when I got to the doctors.

Well the ultrasound went well, he is "measuring small" at 6lb 6oz right now at 38 weeks. A doctor checked though and said everything is okay. They then sent me straight in with my nurse and doctor.

The nurse checked my blood pressure and touched my feet, from the looks between the nurse and Tim, I could sense something was wrong. She asked if I was getting an internal and I said I believe so. I got ready and waited for the doctor.

My doctor came in and re-checked by blood pressure, she did the internal and couldn't reach my cervix (boy did it hurt). She immediately told us we were going to labor and delivery for tests and that if my blood pressure doesn't go down I would be induced. I started crying, thank god Tim was with me because I had been going alone lately. I was crying because of nerves, my bags were at home and this wasn't "my plan". Also my doctor doesn't "worry me" I have talked about my feet, aches and everything is always "due to pregnancy" so when she acted and spoke today with concern it made me nervous, she has never been like this with me.

I went over to the hospital (they are walking distance apart). I felt like an a homeless person. Tim was in work boots, camo shorts, FDNY shirt and hat since he has been renovating our house this week. I am carrying a CVS bag only with my wallet, magazine and camera in it. I am trying not to cry.

The IV hurt like a mother, and the whole time it was in I was in pain. I started having sharps pains again and just laid there crying. I was told its fine, FINE TO CRY IN PAIN? I have done every filling without pain meds and drilling in my teeth and this pain down there has me crying is nothing? I was not a fan of the nurse.

My pressure went down over the hour and my tests came back fine, so I was released. I have to call the office tomorrow, and get a follow up for Monday, I am out of work Monday and possibly the rest of pregnancy, will find out Monday. I am pretty sure I am going to stay home no matter what until he comes. My feet and body cannot take it anymore.

So Jack watch is still on, hopefully he comes very soon and without the drama I had today. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, comments and messages checking in.

Only 14 days left until his due date.


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