Getting old, Friday nights.

I used to laugh at my parents that their excitement on a Friday night was dinner and food shopping. Back on the couch watching TV near 9pm. When I got pregnant, my weekly routine became that, food shopping on Friday nights with them. Tim usually works Friday nights so it kept me entertained and got things done at the same time. Also the food stores are pretty empty. So you make it out quickly through the store.

Tim and I went tonight to do our shopping, everything was empty after 9:30pm. Kohl's for a carpet for Jack's room. Starbucks for vanilla syrup (and a chai tea) and then Hannaford for weekly groceries. To come home to unpack and do our own thing. I am looking forward to bed and sleeping in Saturday morning. As much as I miss staying out until 4am, I am looking forward to this mommy life.

I am looking forward to our next chapter to start. 21 more days. Hopefully he stays baking, for a those days. Kim's graduation dinner is this weekend, next weekend I look forward to hosting a mini party for my friend Briana's birthday and the following weekend going to Kim's college graduation in Albany. She is graduating early!! I wannabe there. So he can come anytime after the 16th. I do have a hair appointment for the 18th but if he wants to come I'll allow it ;)


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