7 Months! 12. 14.10

 Santa signed my cast!
 At Firehouse XMAS party
 Mommy and me
 I am 7 months now & sitting!

Jack is 7 months, just going through the monthly photos I see how big he has gotten and want my little baby back that was 6lbs3oz.

He is 27 inches
He weighs 16.12 (as of 11.26)

At 7 months:

  • never stop talking/babbling 
  • started crawling (but struggle now without your cast)
  • had surgery and a cast for 3 weeks
  • you sit up by yourself
  • dump your blocks
  • walk across the living room in your walker
  • you're tickle-ish 
  • eat Stage 2 Gerber and 1 still
  • 9 month clothing, some 6-9 and 6-12
  • size 3 shoes
  • sleep from 8-7 bottle and back to bed til 9 most mornings
  • laugh hysterically at "Where's Jack?", "Wheels on the Bus" and PeekaBoo
  • hold the bottle on your own
  • snuggle with a blanket
  • started supporting yourself standing when holding on to a table or chair/sofa
  • seen Santa 3 times at mall.  You LOVE him and Mrs. Claus
  • You have been home for the past month with Daddy everyday, he is your best friend (next to mommy)
  • you light up when I walk in from work every day and it is the greatest feeling


Mrs E said…
aw happy 7 months Jack!

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