Day 3: Favorite Teacher

I have a few favorite teachers over the years.
Elementary: 2nd grade- Ms. Jennings.  She was a tough teacher who parents requested their children not to have.  She was exactly what I needed to keep my attention and learn.  I volunteered in her classroom throughout middle school and high school and when she retired she gave me many teaching items to use in the future (which I still have).

Middle School: 6th grade math- Mr. Koestner.  He really started my love for math by playing games including the stock market game, extra credit projects to earn points on your GPA.  1 quarter I wound up with 104 average in his class.  In college I went back to observe and work in his class for a semester.  He is still teaching and truly has a love for math.

High School: Ms. Higgins. My English teacher junior year.  She was just awesome, brought a new twist on books but most importantly was someone you could talk about life with.  At the end of the year 2 friends and I took her to see Nelly Furtado in NYC with us, half as a chaperone half as a friend.  

College: Dr. McCarthy.  My Special Education professor and travel mate to China.  He has an endless amount of knowledge when it comes to teacher.  His classes were always interesting and his humor was something to remember also.  4 years of classes throughout the semesters and I always looked forwards to registering for his.


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