the cast is OFF!!!

We did a 1 day trip to Philly, boy was it long.  We left at 5:30am and got there at about 9am (I slept all the way there), but I think we stopped for gas and coffee at some point.  Jack was FABULOUS. We woke him right before we were leaving, Changed his diaper and put him in the car, OUT! He woke up when I woke up.  We fed him once we were in hospital, and even then he was too busy being noisy.
They unwrapped his cast (I kept it because of all the signatures), and there it was a stinky cheese smelling arm & hand.
He was smiling and laughing for the doctors who kept commenting on how happy a baby he was.  (compliments already!!)  Then an occupational therapists came in to take the size for his splint.  HE has to keep it on for 6 weeks, to help make his hand open and thumb stuck out, I am just amazed about what goes one and can happen.  We had both Surgeons from Shriners and then a few from St. Louis in the room to see Jack and see how it looked, apparently they didn't do the skin grafting and how they did it is "new" and everyone wanted to see him.  Looking at his and knowing he only took 2 doses of meds after his surgery, he is a trooper, kids are able to bounce back for the roughest things, it truly is incredible.

Then we drove home, stopping at Ikea of course first!!  Making it out with basically nothing but the rod we went in for to hang my Starbuck Mug Collection.  Our tree is up and basically done, as is other decorations.  My Christmas Cards need to be finished and mailed but I have been so busy lately.  Hopefully once classes end Monday I can do.  I did so well this semester I impressed myself, fist back in a few years, while working and having a baby.  (patting myself on back).  As for now I am about to pass out, but waking up to FRIDAY so that is always good!


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