10 Months!!

Another one bites the dust.
These last 2 months are going to pass by fast, I started his guest list for the party and we have 163 people to invite.  So renting extra tables, chairs and a port-a-potty are also on the list of things to do.  Still deciding on theme, either colors (like circles/dots) or Animals- like woodland creatures, babyish and appropriate for a 1st birthday.

At 10 months JACK...

  • 8 teeth now, 4 top/4 bottom
  • Crawls everywhere
  • stands with support on anything and cruises along everything
  • has water out of his sports bottle
  • drinks from a sippy cup
  • naps 2 times a day
  • sleeps through the night still and entertains himself when he wakes
  • motions to be picked up
  • babbles with Bs
  • wearing 9m, 6-12m and some 12 month clothes
  • 24-30oz of Formula a day
  • loves yogurt for breakfast
  • eats 2 containers of food a meal + oatmeal (piggy)
  • loves dancing to music
  • plays with his cars 
  • loves crawling after cats and dogs
  • likes french fries and pasta
  • Biter Cookies by Gerber
  • starting to walk with his walking toys


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