Week 6 Favorites

Totally skipped week 5. Bad blogger but I am trying to keep up so I will jump right to week 6.  Work, Jack, school and awful morning sickness (at night) has been kicking my butt and putting me to bed before 10, if not earlier at night.

  • Favorite blog (and not your own)
  • Favorite sport (can be one you play or watch)
  • Favorite memory (past or present)

-Favorite Blog-  I read many friends blogs but my coupon/money saving blogs are my favorite. Babycheapskate is one that I check daily and rely on to help me spend little money on the items I need to buy for Jack.  

-Favorite Sport-  We watching basically no sports in my house.  Those turned on are usually BMX, snowboarding, rally racing and in a bluemoon hockey.  My sport other than Snowboarding would be running.  I ran cross country, indoor and outdoor track in high school.  I went to states for XC my freshman year for Varsity.  I also ran in the NYC Marathon HS race which was invite only for 2 years, it was only the last 2.239879476874659874 (kid you not the shirt says 2.2################# lol)  and crossed the official finish line.  Hold records for the a course I ran in 7th grade also.  I quit though to take up snowboarding, and met Tim.  Great trade off IMO.

-Favorite Memory-  Well having Jack was unforgettable, my wedding too.  I think traveling though always hold a place in your memories.  After my wedding in 2006, Tim left for a deployment overseas, I had just gone back to school after taking that Spring semester off and my school as offering a study abroad program for winter break. (anything longer would have been impossible since I had 2 dogs and a cat and lived in apartment alone)  So my friend Amy and I signed up to go to CHINA!  We would study for 2.5 weeks at a university and explore the local area as well as spend the weekends in Shanghai and Beijing.  Well the studying part was out for me, I slept in every morning for being up so long the night before.  I learned 0 Chinese.  I did go tot he fun classes in the afternoon after lunch.  We explored bars, shops and terrain.  I tried food and it was major fail, I like rice and the basics.  So many fun jokes, interesting situations and laughs went out that I will never forget.


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