17 Weeks

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +5 lb total

Maternity clothes?:  Just my 1 pair of jeans and then everything else is my regular clothes

Symptoms: no more pukey feeling

Stretch marks?: nope

Sleep: Getting better and I was able to sleep in this past weekend until 10am both days

Movement: Low kicks, faint, if it weren't for having been pregnant I wouldn't know.  I also think it is lack of weight gain that helps too

Food cravings: mash potatoes

Gender: We find out April 14th!!! 

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss:  Sleep?

What I am looking forward to: not being pregnant it will be almost 2 years non stop!

Milestones: Morning sickness over (knocks on wood)


Mrs E said…
been there on the "2 year pregnancy"!! it does get to that feeling of wanting to be done -- but so worth it as I'm sure you know

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