Ramblings of baby # 2

1.24.11:  So we found out on New Year's Day we were expecting #2.    2 under 2 in 16 months to be exact. We can do it, both our mom's have 2 kids that are only 16 months apart: Rob and I are 16 months to the day and Kevin and Eric are only 16 months.   Next up us!
I sure did go into overdrive.  Ordered Jack his shirt, we told our parents and siblings first. (My friend K& L knew too, then I shared with my bbms). I am still waiting until after the ultrasound 2/1 to tell parents and then friends around 13 weeks.  Truthfully I am more worried about hands then anything else.  I know we can deal with anything but you can't help but worry.  I know my Dr will understand when I request careful u/s of the limbs and 3D and 4D when baby is big enough to soothe our nerves  throughout the pregnancy.  As per calculators we are due on 9/10/11 (I love these numbers) but if I go late to the 14th then they would really be 16months to the day apart just like my brother and I.  Those who know me, secrets are hard to keep.  So daily I struggle to not tell people.

2.3.11:  You will be here sooner than we though!  End of August to be exact (15.5 months apart).  You measured 9 weeks on 2/1, since I wasn't sure when my cycle was we weren't 100%.  We will find out if you are a boy or girl in late April, I can't wait!  I am weighing in at 140 lbs, lets see how much I gain over the next 7 months.   Since Jack started crawling yesterday I hope his moving keeps me going and the weight down.  We can't wait to share the good news with everyone.

2.18.11   11.5 weeks now.  Belly measurement at 10 weeks was 33 inches.  Still fitting in my size 6 American Eagle Jeans and all my other clothes, which I hope lasts as long as possible. I have mostly summer maternity clothes from Jack so warm weather get here.  The morning sickness feeling is still constant and I have been sleeping a lot, naps and going to bed at 10pm on work nights.  I am getting ready to tell everyone after our appointment on the 28th at the doctors.  T-Shirt for Jack is ready to be wore again (one we used to tell our parents are siblings).  Plus I will make my next 2 appointments, for 16 weeks and 20 weeks- the gender one!  We need to come up with another boy name, our girl name is set from last time.

2.28.11 Ultrasound went great, met the Dr who would be doing them when we go to Brewster office, we did most of them in Mt. Kisco last time so we only know their Ultrasound Dr.

3.1.11  Follow up with my Ob Dr. (I couldn't get appointments on the same day).  I have gained 0lbs in 13 weeks actually lost 1(woohoo).  Partly because I am sick almost every night and have a hard time eating more then a few bites.   She said it should go away in a few weeks, my next appointment is at 16 weeks on 3/22  I can't believe this pregnancy is flying by so quickly but with Jack keeping us busy and work, the weeks fly.

3.13.11  Jack is keeping up busy with his nonstop crawling, standing, and cruising around everything.  I am exhausted at end of work day, and the morning sickness (at night) continues to kick my butt.  I am looking forward to spring break in late April to catch up on sleep and go away for 3 nights to Boston with Jack and Tim and sightsee go to aquariums, museums and shop.  We should know the gender before we go away also.  Still stuck on a boy name, I have one I love but Tim doesn't like it so much, I dislike his choices.  Didn't we just do all this a year ago?


Mrs E said…
woot woot I knew, I knew! Probably bc I'm in the land of a crazy 2u2 mom myself!

Can't wait to meet Jacks new baby brother or sister who will, no doubt, but just as cute!

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