11 Months

In 1 more month until he is 1 year!

  • You are feeding yourself now
  • 1st kid's meal: grill cheese and broccoli 
  • 12-18 months clothes
  • started using overnight diapers
  • you walk with your walking toys
  • will walk around the house using 1 hand on the wall or an object
  • you dance
  • can point at the correct picture when asked "Where is the bear or where is the fox?" to the pictures above your changing table
  • take off your socks every time we get in the car
  • using sippy comes more and more for water or formula (Tommy Tippee, Nuby, Munchkin) you're not picky
  • love the park and slides
  • love swimming and going under water
  • use overnight diapers now (thank you amazon)
  • very nosy and when you see kids you follow them until they are out of site
  • got your first knot on your head from falling
  • scrape on your head from falling another time
  • make choices when put in front of you
  • play with your toothbrush while getting changed
  • say Da-Da
  • babble back and forth with people
  • tried your mom's ice cream cake and loved it (after you put your whole hand into it)


Jennifer said…
Such a cutie!!!!!

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