It's a....


We are beyond thrilled!  Charlotte Olivia will be here the last Friday of August! Yes, I scheduled my C-Section at my first appointment.  I knew I wanted one and also I have no patience to wait,  so 19 more weeks and we meet her!
Seriously cannot believe how blessed we are for 1 of each.  2 under 2 will be exciting but we're ready.  Tim is so great with Jack and I can't wait to see him with both.  He is off for vacation through this job so he  has been with Jack for 3 weeks now with our moms doing a few days here and there when he had other work.
Next ultrasound is 3D mid-May.  Other than that everything looks good and I am up 7lbs total so far.


Jenn said…
Congratulations again Mama!! Jack is going to be such an amazing big brother. I can't wait to me little Charlotte!
Mrs. Boom said…
Congrats! LOVE the name :)

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