17 weeks to go...

I really cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going, it felt so slow in the beginning and now it just is on auto-pilot.  I am happy that the morning sickness is over, I haven't gained too much weight and I am able to still sleep through the night.  Even if the night is 6 hours because of my late bedtime and early rise.
I HAVE been taking pictures of my belly, I just thought after last time it was over kill to share each week, but I am getting a post ready for them.  I will put them in Charlotte's book too.   I started her registry today, why?  FOR COUPONS and as a checklist of things I need to get for her before she arrives.  Also the discount coupon on total purchase around her due date.
Her next "check-ups" are ay 10th with my Dr and May 11th for a 3D Ultrasound.  I may have to change that due to grad school that night, I forgot to call today so hopefully Monday I remember.  That will be my 24 week check up!   I love when we get to see her and hear her heart beat.  I am excited to see what Jack does when she gets here, he reaches for babies and kids now and "talks" at them.  What will he do when there is a baby in the house full time?
Hopefully Charlotte will like Similac, I have been stocking up and have close to a 3-4 month supply ready, I am trying to use all coupons now for it.  If not, I will sell it/donate.
Will check in again soon with Charlotte info!


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