12 Months

Better late then never right?

Stats: 20lbs 6 oz (skinny) & 31 inches (tall)  -a copy of his parents


  • WALKER!  up to 5 steps before his birthday and full on walking after chasing his older friends around Chuck E Cheese 5/19 he just walks/runs everywhere
  • CLIMBER- Into his Cozy Coupe not using the door.  Up his slide.  Onto the couch, into his car walker.  OUT OF THE BATHTUB!  Up and over the side of the tub.  Up int he stroller, shopping cart (even though he is buckled and strapped in).  Again a copy of his mother who would get out of car seats at less than a year old.
  • EATER- He loves pizza, pasta, pancakes, eggs, ice cream, cake, chicken, hotdogs, fruit, veggies. (Daddy spoils him every weekend with pancakes and eggs just for him)
  • DRINKER- We are using Munchkin sippy cups with handles for now (easier for cast  too) drinks water and formula from them no problem.  Staring Whole Milk soon, it is in my fridge now
  • TALKER- He SCREAMS for kids when he sees them, babbles at the dog and says "dada, Sh!t (for sit), doggie"  and shakes his head for nonono which I think is the funniest thing ever.


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