pregnancy is flying by..

I can't believe I am 25 weeks pregnant at this point.  Only 14 weeks left before Charlotte arrives!  I just went through my belly picture collection and I need to take more, I have been so preoccupied with Jack's birthday party and working that I was a slacker.

I also started Physical Therapy last week and it is awesome, I pinched a nerve in my back and now go for heating, stretching, massaging, ice.  I look forward to the 45minutes 3x a week now.

Charlotte is a dancer, much like Jack was, she loves to move around late in the evening.  I am still sleeping through the night, I readjust but barely wake up, I just know from when I do wake I am looking a different way.  I have started to buy things for her but have little room, so I am really just condensing Jack's stuff and making room for Charlotte.  Then project rearrange room and add neutral touches is on.

Last week we also had our 3D ultrasound and looked at the hands and feet and everything looks good.  As we know nothing is guaranteed but it does look all good, which is a relief.  We will continue to monitor of course but she is great and still a SHE! lol

I have gone and started to collect coupons for Charlotte (extreme baby couponing) by registering at Target, BRU and Buy Buy Baby, to get the gift packs filled with stuff (bottles, shutterfly gift cards, diapers, formula) and for the completion coupons once she is here since we need a small crib, clothing among other things.  I just put up in the attic the baby bathtub, walker, jumperoo, and another bin of small clothing from Jack.
I think that updates for now!


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