Party Prep

1 week to go until Jack's 1st birthday!  Over 160 people were invited, yes we are nuts.  House cleaning is in over load, finishing projects we need done and throwing out clutter.  Lats party (The Baptism) we finished a kitchen reno just days prior.  We will get everything done I am sure in time just this time I am working the 5 days prior and have school at night one of those days.  More of a rush.
We are having an Owl themed party " Look Whooooo's One!"  I finished getting the paper products today which was good, Jack and I ran out early this morning for that.

I also can't believe in 1 week he will be one, I get his pictures on Friday from JCPenney and they are so cute, they are printing one of them for the store and entering it in a contest too apparently.  I love my Gerber baby for sure.


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